Shop The Aurora Boutique

Shop The Aurora Boutique


The Aurora Boutique's shopping portal will be fully operational one day, and ready for your business. Stay tuned and check back for further details. Thank you for your interest. 

Meanwhile, thank you for taking the time to search for and visit us here to find official store locations that feature only first generation and official Keri-Lynn music, sound and merch. All others are illegal and/or bootlegged, and feature only second or third or fourth rate copies. Yes, there is such a thing as second and third and even fourth generation digital copies. They are completely worthless when compared to the original, first generation productions created and intended for your complete listening enjoyment and pleasure by Keri-Lynn. You deserve the very best. So, save your money and BUY the very best. You'll be doing yourself and ALL Artists a huge Blessing. Til The Aurora Boutique is fully operational, we highly recommend that you do the right thing and visit Keri-Lynn's Official Apple-ITunes Store .

Other quality online stores that honor and feature only true, first generation Keri-Lynn music, sound reordings and video will be added, as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


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